Rotary Dryer

The Rotary Dryers are kind of mechanical dryer utilized to decrease or limit the fluid dampness substance of the material this is taking care of by carrying it into coordinate contact with a thermal gas. A dryer is comprised of an expansive, turning round and hollow tube, normally bolstered by solid sections or steel bars. Rotary Drying Machine slant marginally so the release end is below than the material bolster end as to pass on the material through the dryer under gravity. Further, material to be dried enters the dryer, and as the dryer pivots, the material is lifted up by a progression of inward balances coating the internal mass of the dryer.

Key Features:

1) Drum reduces the space amount that it consumes.
2) Consist concentric tubes to permit dryer to be employed.
3) Drum can be heated by gas or oil burners.
4) Deliver homogenous parching air temperatures.
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Mini Rotary Dryer

Price: 300000.00 - 3000000.00 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:3-4 Week
  • Supply Ability:1 Per Month
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Rotary Drum Dryers

Price: 300000.00 - 3000000.00 INR/Unit

Our wide range of Rotary Drum Dryers is specifically engineered for direct heat as well as indirect heat processes. Ideal for drying and for preheating & pre-treating fine- grained and lumpy materials, these rotary dryers are best known for their robust construction. These dryers are highly suitable for powdered detergents, carbon black pigments, metallic oxides, insulation materials, metal powders, agglomerates and industrial chemicals.