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Fluid Bed Dryers
Material handled in our Fluid Bed Dryers float on gas or air cushion. The treated air is delivered to the bed via an orificed distributor plate and then floes via solid bed at enough speed to support the particles’ weight in liquidized state. Bubbles collapse and dorm in our bed of material advancing intense particle movement.
Flash Dryer
Our Flash Dryer has been employed to parch products in numerous industries comprising mineral, chemical, agrifood and more. A wider range of material comprising slurries, gels, pastes, flakes, granules, powders and cakes can be handled in our dryer. For stick items, back combining of damp feed with part of dry product to make an ideal conditioned product is demanded.
Spray Dryers
Spray drying is a process that can be done only in our Spray Dryers. The method is for making a dry powder out of slurry or liquid by quickly drying the material with a thermal gas. Further, this is the considerate technique of drying numerous heat-sensitive material, for example, pharmaceuticals and foods.
Rotary Dryer
The Rotary Dryer is situated at a slight flat incline to enable gravity to help with moving material via the drum. Further, as the drum pivots, lifting flights get the material and drop it via the air stream as to augment thermal exchange effectiveness. When operating with agglomerates, tumbling activity bestowed by the dryer provides the additional advantage of further polishing and rounding of granules.a
Industrial Heater
Our Industrial Heater deploys medium voltage advancement that drastically minimize maintenance, operation and installation costs for bigger procedure heating requirements. The system is fabricated to offer accurate procedure temperature control as well as to operate for numerous years at uniform voltage. This heater can adapt to match practically any gas or liquid application.
Air Nozzle
Provided Air Nozzles are alternatively acknowledged as blow off nozzles that are deployed in pneumatic, automatic and manual control systems to offer a dierctable and narrow air stream or oil to a particular location in any machine. The modular outline additionally offer adaptability to countless industrial applications.